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Bedroom complete with non-hand clothes furniture is not very attractive place for recreation. There's just something chaotic about it.
Modern interior design furniture
Filling your room with modern bedroom, no matter what style, make your bedroom into a place of comfort and relaxation. Eliminating the non-furniture and replace it with modern bedroom furniture set will make your calls.

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Aside from the bed, dresser and night stand, your modern bedroom set is not complete without a practical and attractive armoire. Whether you choose white or black laminate furniture with brass accents, white wicker, and beautiful colored grain, timber, your modern bedroom furniture will be well worth the expense as you begin to feel the benefits of a serene retreat in your own home .

Luxury Interior Design Ideas and stylish decoration


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Stunning Marrakesh Interior Classic Home Design

How about this Marrakesh home I spotted on the New York Times website? LOVE it! This would be ideal for a vacation home....and it's on sale as we speak, hmmm.
Anyone interested?

Stunning Marrakesh Interior Classic Home DesignStunning Marrakesh Interior Classic Home DesignStunning Marrakesh Interior Classic Home DesignStunning Marrakesh Interior Classic Home DesignStunning Marrakesh Interior Classic Home Design
Stunning Marrakesh Interior Classic Home Design
Stunning Marrakesh Interior Classic Home Design

Dining Furniture Sets Collection | Home Interior Favorite Design

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Here is the Luxury Dining Furniture Sets Collection that will give you an enjoyable dining experience brought by its design and comfort on your dining room. Graceful lines trace smoothly along the surface will bring a fresh modern Contemporary atmosphere into your home sweet home. Multimedia Chair Concept
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Whatever style you are planning to buy, you are assured you will be getting quality, stylish dining sets to enhance and improve your home and lifestyle. So what ever kind of style you desire to incorporate in your dining room decor, this Dining Sets Collection will satisfy even the choosiest visitors. Luxury House with a Modern Interior

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Table Designs
Modern Eklipse Lounge Chair Design by BRF
Modern Furniture Design
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The Cut Sofa and Chair by Domenico de Palo
Ultra Modern Furniture Design
SwiTCh Tablechair from Belgian
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Expensive Classic Furniture

Italy PROVASI furniture has been hailed as the Rolls-Royce, in the past 100 years, it conquered numerous European monarchs from the harsh and critical eye. PROVASI each bed, tables, chairs, cabinets, and accessories have condensed the non-replicating “Days of Glory”.

Elegant Italian Kitchen Designs | Home Interior Favorite Design

Modern Italian Kitchen Designs

Contemporary Italian Kitchen Designs

Minimalis Italian Kitchen Designs

We had a recent post here on Freshome about Scandinavian kitchen designs. They were all about color and let out a peaceful feel. Today we would like to show you a few Italian kitchen interiors from Ernestomeda. In comparison, these designs look more sober, but that does not make them any less captivating. The color and freshness of the kitchens in our previous post is replaced here by elegance. The main colors are black, gray, white and brown which are pleasantly combined in creating modern designs. Plants and other decorative elements manage are nicely integrated in the decors. Please check them out and let us know what you think. Do you prefer colorful kitchen designs over more “serious” interiors such as the ones below ?

New Various Luxury Dining Room Interior Designs

Dining Room Interior Design
Dining Room Interior Design
To have as a separate dining room with large dining table and chairs in the center around it, has always been the privilege of the wealthy. Ancient rule, stay at home, no matter what the occasion (sad or hilarious) felt the best hospitality in the abundance of food offered. That is why we pay close attention to the dining room, a dining with guests, a place which should represent a good steward in the light.

Modern and Luxury Dining Room
Modern and Luxury Dining Room

Dining room has gained longevity history, starting from the palace feasts, to reach its modern form - the dining area. The impressive appearance of the Victorian dining in Cambridge inspires awe with massive, decorated with carved tables and chairs.

Luxury Dining Room Design

Luxury Dining Room
In the 20 th century with the emergence of the profession of designer and definition of style, the dining room underwent numerous transformations as space and characteristics of the furniture in it. Those in museums dining furniture groups in kraft & B style art, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, modern, postmodern, minimalist lovers are today. The desire to invent something new, unprecedented, sometimes leads to incredible experiments.

Modern Dining Room Design Ideas
Modern Dining Room Design Ideas

For people with opportunities could outline some characteristics of modern day admission for groups of dining tables and chairs. Above all, modern furniture designers tend to clean straight lines. This appealing and manufacturers of furniture, for easier and faster manufacturing process. Today increasingly pay attention to nature and we need to bring in items from her home. That is why fashion is natural materials like solid wood, glass and metal in pure form, in various combinations.

Luxury Dining Room Interior Design
Luxury Dining Room Interior
People who like to wear extravagant and elegant at the same time, appreciate the original idea of the designer and easily perceive the unusual idea, as it artfully combined with other forms of art. Dining, built on advanced general rule, only people succeed with respect to art, people who do not like traditional print on respect for the inventory items inherent in the dining room.

Great White Dining Room Designs
Great White Dining Room Designs
For such an environment is characterized with original furniture, swanky extravagant shape and bright color, designed by famous designers. As decoration of dining can be expected to value antiques placed in close proximity to the last cry of modern design.

The Uniqueness Luxury Furniture Interior Designs

Luxury Furniture Designs
Luxury Furniture Designs
Every element of the luxury home furnishings has its significance and target pozition.As start of the flooring, modern furniture and utensils and work with curtains, carpets and flowers in every room. For each of these elements have certain rules and tips to help in the selection of its varietal mix and the exact location in the home.

Luxury Furniture Interior Design
Luxury Furniture Interior Design
It is very important to adjust the flooring with the purpose of the luxury room, the design of furniture and carpets with the appearance of the season, and especially the richness of color must conform with the type of mood and atmosphere that we want to give the room.

Luxury Furniture
Luxury Furniture
As an example, we implemented a modern style furniture, which is the most highly oriented spiritual harmony and balance. He is stronger and closer to nature, and using elements of it contributes to adding to the uniqueness of each luxury home.

Luxury Furniture Interior
Luxury Furniture Interior
The final selection of modern design furniture, accessories, colors and overall style of furniture is entirely yours. But if you want to know what is the way to achieve one or another purpose related to the mood you want to give it and the interior, which can create, you can get your advice from us that information.

Contemporary Kitchen Design

Contemporary kitchens give us an enormous amount of leeway when it comes to the creativity we put into designing them. There are are certain rules of compliance in order for one to function properly but once that is established, the plethora of ideas and aesthetics available to materialize it are virtually endless. And when food is the central focus of family life, the openness needed to interact with those outside of the kitchen is becoming just as essential as the space needed to float around freely within it. The kitchens from Dadaweb which we feature today reflect this philosophy.

Unique Lighting – Poppy Lamp Designs by Serien

This whimsical lamp has some surprises in store – the poppy lampshade gradually opens up with heat! These artful mouth-blown glass blossom are available in a range of great colors, and each is perched on its own flexible, fabric-covered stem that you can twist and turn any which way. Create a trendy tangle of flowers overhead, spiral your sconces, and twist your tabletop lamps in a fashionable and functional way. These cute and quirky poppy lamps come in chandelier and sconce designs, as well as tabletop lamps ideal for reading or as a source of soft mood-lighting in any room.

New Lighting Fixtures – Babol lighting series by deMajo

This new Lighting Fixtures, Babol lighting series was designed by deMajo. The Babol lighting series features dreamy clusters of glowing “bubbles” in a line of pendant, wall-mounted and tabletop lamp designs. These coordinating lighting fixtures come in a variety of sizes to suit any space and function, all made of glossy white glass.

Modern Lighting – Furore Lamp by Lima De Lezando

It’s Modern Lighting Design, called Furore Lamp was designed by German designer Lima De Lezando. The Furore lamp consists of 7 differently formed steel-arms. Illuminating glass bodies are attached to the steel-arms. It is the perfect design object for contemporary interior design. With its gentle light Furore creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

White Color Theme Interior House in Piacenza, Italy

       Minimalist space, luxury, elegant, and modern? this is the answer. This 120 square foot loft is located upstairs in a house in Piacenza, Italy and owned by Romolo Stanco. Ground floor 81 square meters while the first floor is 42 square meters.

The ground floor is 81 square meter while a first floor is 42 square meter. The white color is dominating around the floors and hightlights the shadows, the distances and the independent elements like chairs, a sofa, a table and other furniture. When you enter the home you see an open space that seeks a balance between the linearity imposed by the long, parallel main walls.

The second floor bedroom is a box suspended over the larger main floor and reachable only by a set of stairs that seem to hover along the wall like a child’s zig-zag drawing. The white walls, ceiling and floors give you the sensation of relaxing in a wash of light.

The white walls, ceiling and floors give you the sensation of relaxing in a wash of light.

Luxury Exclusive Garage Doors Design | Home Interior Favorite Design

Luxury Exclusive Garage Doors Design - high standards and impeccably good
Modern Garage Door Design

Exclusively outstanding modern design in garage doors up-and-over form of section and allow you to stamp his personal stamp of your property, the approach differs from the rest. With numerous design garage doors variants prepared stylish beautify the design, especially when combined with the design of garage doors, real hunters become the eyes and the expression of its high standards and impeccably good .

Luxury Exclusive Garage Doors Design - high standards and impeccably good

The experience and tested for up-and-over modern door opens with a swing-out action before his garage ceiling. A selection of over 30 styles of steel modern garage door and wood gives a very creative band.Modern and elegant sectional garage door opens vertically upwards. As a result, earn a place in front of and inside the garage door - a major advantage of shortcuts and large vehicles such as cars, vans and vehicle radio and television.

Luxury Exclusive Garage Doors Design - high standards and impeccably good

Luxury Exclusive Garage Doors Design - high standards and impeccably good